Small Business LAB Program

SCORE Palm Beach County is now offering Small Business Labs to complement your mentoring sessions in the following targeted areas: business plan, elevator pitch, sales, digital presence, and QuickBooks.



Work with operational and strategic planning experts to:

  •  Create a roadmap for your business
  •  Check the overall financial feasibility of your business
  •  Analyze SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  •  Assess market research, competition, pricing and go-to-market strategy
  •  Evaluate the company operations, costs and overhead
  •  Describe key vendors and strategic business partners
  •  Describe the management structure and credentials
  •  Build financial plans and determine financing requirements
  •  Discuss funding sources, if needed
  •  Review a full written plan if needed, including Executive Summary


Work with communication and marketing experts to:

  •  Learn to introduce yourself and your company within 30 - 40 seconds
  •  Separate yourself from 90% of your competition
  •  Wow! qualified buyers so they want to talk to you
  •  Learn how to quickly begin a meaningful dialog when introducing yourself
  •  Quickly identify a prospect's buying motivations
  •  Discover how to approach decision makers without anxiety
  •  Position yourself to become a trusted advisor
  •  Close business faster


Work with sales experts to find clients and get them to purchase your product or service by:

  •  Defining your product/service and how it can help prospective clients
  •  Identifying qualified prospects and leveraging existing client relationships
  •  Learning what a sales cycle consists of and how many “touches” it takes to close a sale including:
    •  Positioning how your offer can help the client
    •  Identifying how/who is making the decision
    •  Gathering the data required to quantify the value of your offer
    •  Preparing and presenting your proposal, including financial benefits
    •  Asking for the order
    •  Follow-up / follow-up / follow-up
  •  Closing the Sale


Work with web development and social media experts to:

  •  Learn and improve techniques to enhance your business' digital presence 
  •  Create landing pages to increase your business performance
  •  Learn how social media can lead to client conversions
  •  Use Instagram versus Facebook to raise awareness
  •  Set up e-commerce to increase sales
  •  Study productivity through Google Analytics
  •  Create remarketing funnels