SCORE Palm Beach County Client Testimonials

SCORE Palm Beach County has helped thousands of business founders fulfill their dreams to start, build & grow thriving businesses. Read their feedback and testimonials below.

What our clients have to say about us!

He asked tough and fair questions that allowed me to reflect upon my weaknesses as a new business owner. I will adjust and become better as a result of his constructive criticism.

-Frederic Pollino, Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran

The score I gave on the survey was "10". The reason I gave the highest score was because of the help I got from SCORE, especially from Mr. Hal Finkelstein, who helped me rebuild my website. I want to thank members of SCORE, especially Mr. Finkelstein, who have helped me get started with my business. I truly appreciate all you have done for me; God bless all of you and I will recommend SCORE to everyone I know.

-Michael Pars, Owner, "Michael Pars Photography"

Your excellent counsel has been instrumental in allowing me to get this business off the ground. I wanted to let you know it's deeply and sincerely appreciated. Most important you helped me move past the "paralysis of analysis" and take action.

-Paul Levgin, "Serendipity Ice Cream Distributors"

I walked into the SCORE office in Boca Raton with one clear goal in mind. After being laid off three times,  I was determined not to put my ability.....into the hands of another company that was only interested in their bottom line! Hal Finkelstein was my assigned mentor and (he) has been invaluable to me. Without Hal's advice, I would have made a mistake in buying (a certain) business. It took me over six months to come up with the right idea for my own small business. I thought I would have to pay thousands of dollars to have someone build my website. Never in a million years did I think I could become a webmaster by myself. Hal's help gave me the confidence....every detail was provided to me to come up with a site I am very proud of, and he has been able to assist me in EVERY area! I will continue to utilize SCORE'S free services as I grow my business, knowing I have an invaluable fleet of experts to advise me along the way. eCommerce made easy, what else can you ask for?

-Cheryl C., Owner, "Religious Rosary Jewelry"

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, and offering your advice and expertise for expanding my Physical Therapy House Call Service. Your recommendations were insightful and motivating. I found a boost of confidence and a more clear direction.

-Tim M., "Promotion Rehabilitation"

Thank you for the time you spent with me. I believe.....SCORE resources will enable my company to grow enormously! You have already made a significant difference and I anticipate much more! I truly appreciate this.

-Jennifer S., "E-Dealer Solutions"

After having gone over my Business Plan, thanks to SCORE, I realized that though my idea for "Condolences" is a worthy one, starting it as a one-person show would not allow me to succeed........The emphasis SCORE put on the Business Plan gave me enlightenment I surely needed!!! Thank you for your were sincere and very helpful and I appreciate it.

-Carol D., "Condolences"

I wanted to let you know how helpful Eric Mankuta was as a SCORE Counselor. I  got on the national website ( (Ms. Lichter resides in Colorado), and Eric's name came up after I entered some keywords. He was extremely helpful - a wonderful mentor. After the first talk, I was able to weed out some ideas and expand on others. After the second conversation, I began to pursue an idea I am very excited about. I know I can contact Eric again when I need support, perspective, and input.

-Peggy L.

I would like to thank Herb Douglas and Phil Miller for meeting with me....I truly appreciate their attention and valuable professional advice.

-Fran S., "Pro Logo, INC."

Our meeting today was beyond anything I had expected. Your kind words mean so much to me. I am ready to work very hard to achieve financial independence, and look forward to your guidance and help.

-Orna M., "Orna Art Consulting"

Thank you for your help. Your advice and experience are very helpful. We are doing shows all over and getting awesome receptions. You (Counselors Bob Silverman and Leon Leidner) gave us ideas, and headed us in the right direction.

-Anne S., "Full Flavor Foods"

I wanted you to know how much I value the advice given to me. Thanks again for having such a BIG service available for such a small company.

-Susan F., "Excelon Associates (Business Recruiter)"

The counselors were clearly experts in their fields and did not sugarcoat their criticism. As a new entrepreneur, I need someone objective to look at my plan and find ways to improve it and that is exactly what SCORE is doing.

-Carmelo Colon, Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran