Back in the "olden days" coaches were relegated to sports with the assigned role of building a cohesive team in order to WIN games. If the coach built character, drive and self-fulfillment in the team members during the process, so much the better.

Today, the coaching world is different and we now have a multitude of lifestyle coaches. There is now a different coach for every conceivable lifestyle, sport, belief, mission, or challenge. Now religious coaches from every conceivable religion proliferate, plus health, diet, wellness and fitness coaches, success and career performance coaches - whatever the mind can conceive, a coach will step in to help.

Today's guest has created a new brand of coaching - Bruce Starr is a videographer, a media consultant, a social networking guru, and experienced radio personality - and now a self-described "Luv Coach". His new two-hour radio talk show will focus on helping callers with their toughest love questions.

To add even more pizzazz to the show, Bruce will interview comedians from around the country who have staked their career on dating and love life stories that bring audiences to tears of laughter. All of that is some combination for a very interesting radio talk show!


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Bruce Starr

Bruce Starr began his media career in 1990 when he started guesting on dozens of radio shows around the country about relationships. In 1993, Dr. Joel Wallach become his first and long standing sponsor on his own radio show called LUVWORKS WITH BRUCE STARR, heard across South Florida over WNN, The Winners News Network. He also hosted and produced the cable television version of the same show about relationships that remained on the air for two years. The Luv Coach - CONTACT BUSINESS LOGO + LINK - SCORE-ing YOUR BUSINESS EPISODE 92 with Bruce Starr - TITLE IMAGE

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Penny Pompei is a serial entrepreneur having launched three of her own businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and several others in partnership with others throughout the country.  She has relocated to South Florida and is now a volunteer subject matter expert with SCORE Palm Beach.

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