Palm Beach SCORE Mentored Young Entrepreneur Wins Top Honors in Washington DC! 

Young Entrepreneur Winner Kayla Abramowitz | Palm Beach SCORE

Kayla Abramowitz, who has just turned 13, competed in the national Young Entrepreneur’s Academy finalist competition in Washington DC and walked away with a trophy nearly as tall as she is along with a $30,000 scholarship and several thousand dollars in award money.

Kayla was sponsored by the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce (FL) and mentored by Palm Beach SCORE counselor, Kathy Rendo. Kayla is the Founder and CEO of Kayla Cares 4 Kids, a nonprofit organization that collects and donates entertainment and educational items to children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses nationwide.

According to Kathy, Kayla is an amazing young woman who, despite her own serious illness, was completely dedicated to making her business a success and insisted on learning everything there was to know about business plans, execution of that plan and endless planning and prepping for her 6 minute “Shark Tank” like presentation. The judges commented they were “blown away by her self-confidence, poise and passion”. There were more than few tears from the audience when they gave a standing ovation showing their approval of the award to Kayla.