IBM Southeast Employees’ Credit Union has partnered with the South Palm Beach chapter of SCORE

IBM Southeast Employees’ Credit Union’s is committed to serving its communities. “We recognized our South Palm Beach Chapter of SCORE as a vital service sponsored by the Small Business Administration in our community.” Said Mark Skinner, VP of Real Estate & Business Lending. He also commented “Continued business growth in our communities has a multiplying effect leading to additional employment, followed by better economy and overall standard of living for those in the communities we serve. We are a proud sponsor of SCORE ” South Palm Beach SCORE located 7999 S. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton FL 33487 offers free business consulting and mentoring for businesses seeking to start, grow and expand. John Ahearn Jr., South Palm Beach SCORE Co-Chairman said “SCORE of South Palm Beach is proud to partner with IBMSECU and we look forward to working together providing mentoring and business workshops to their valued clientele. We are very grateful to them for our mutual collaboration which will greatly benefit and strengthen our South Florida business community.”

Caption: Left to Right Jeanine Bondi Banks, John Ahearn Jr. and Wolfgang Kurpiers of SCORE with Mark Skinner and Kim Donnell of IBMSECU.