Legal & Tax Implications of Starting a Business in Florida July 22, 2021, 12:30pm EDT July 22, 2021, 2:30pm EDT

Set your business up the right way and minimize taxes and personal liability. Learn how to protect your assets.

Many new business owners don't spend enough time and planning to ensure they choose the right legal entity when formally setting up their business. As a result, they neglect to view the law and the tax system as avenues for potential success in their businesses and roadways away from potential pitfalls.  When a business owner understands legal and tax issues that affect his or her business, however, he or she may become more empowered to discover the paths to success in business.

Join SCORE for an interactive workshop that will provide you with a wealth of information necessary to start or formalize your young or evolving business.

During the workshop, you will: 

  •  Learn which business entity may help you avoid personal liability in your business
  •  Discover which business entity may save you taxes
  •  Determine which business entity may protect your assets
  •  Understand which business entity may provide you with the most efficient management structure;
  •  Find out where to seek business law and tax advice
  •  Figure out how to pick a name for your business
  •  Gather information concerning necessary licenses, state and local taxes, minimum wage, and other regulations

Fee: $15

Presenter: Richard Calcote

About the Presenter(s)

Richard Calcote

Richard is a retired CPA with over 40 years of experience in a variety of small and large companies. He served as the CFO and VP of Finance for a number of corporations, including Hospice of Palm Beach County, Tropical Shipping, Tecmarine Lines, Prism Inc. and Bounty Petroleum.


Key Topics

Legal & Tax Implications of Starting a Business in Florida