Grow Your Business With Gift Cards July 21, 2022, 12:00pm EDT July 21, 2022, 1:30pm EDT

Gift cards have the power to increase the total number of customers and the amount each customer spends on products and services. 

Identify whether gift cards are the right approach for your company and how best to use them by reviewing:

  • The latest methods that are working well today
  • The benefits of gift cards for the recipient, the shopper and your business
  • Examples of current marketing promotions  
  • Techniques used by national chains and big boxes 
  • The accounting differences of purchased and promotional gift cards
  • Gift cards as coupon replacement or as the sales discount


Ronald A. Friedman was founder and vice president of DAMOMICS Inc., a top installer of NCR Counterpoint software for retail businesses. He has been in the business consulting field for over 30 years and was employed as a consultant and account manager for Computer Task Group, Inc., the nation’s largest professional computer services company. He recently sold DAMOMICS Inc., and encouraged by the author of Retailing For Dummies, created seminars and webinars on both Grow Your Business and How to Design a Loyalty Program.

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Grow Your Business With Gift Cards