is an experienced and renowned ICF award-winning coach, as well as the author of the book Talk Yourself Into Success, which digestibly lays out her proprietary and expert strategies for positive mindset. Susan is established as one of the most innovative thought leaders in her field. Susan’s clients include businesses and business owners, individuals, government agencies, executives in management and leadership positions, and so forth. Susan skillfully supports and guides all of her clients to reach new levels of performance, achieve satisfaction in their careers, and manage life’s transitions with ease. Susan’s practice includes helping her clients successfully navigate many of life and career transitions, attain a positive and productive mindset, and build and maintain high levels of resiliency. Using Susan’s confidence-building techniques and resilience-building strategies, her clients are enabled with the tools they need in order to move past self-imposed limits and reach new levels of accomplishment and fulfillment. Susan's success can in part be attributed to her ability to not only motivates individuals, but also to encourage teams with her “take the ball and run” attitude.


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 Susan  Commander Samakow