For the past 8 years, John has worked with small businesses with their commercial real estate needs. His areas of expertise include representing sellers and landlords to receive the maximum value for their commercial real estate assets. He also represents buyers and tenants in understanding their requirements, identifying and presenting solutions, and negotiating the best possible price. Past clients have included Investors, Retail, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family & Land.

As a General Manager with AT&T / Lucent, his areas of experience have included Sales Management (both direct and indirect), Operational Management to meet our clients' expectations, as well as financial management as we were on a Profit & Loss compensation plan. 

As a small business owner, John's experiences have included creating a corporation, developing and creating marketing plans to meet sales requirements, negotiating with vendor partners, developing financial management systems to measure results as well as developing employee policies. 

By virtue of working for a company with a strong commitment to developing managerial talent, John has earned a "Mini MBA" certificate from the Wharton School of Business. His thesis was based on the premise of how to increase sales distribution for a nominal (if any) additional cost. As one of the original members of the AT&T Computer Systems organization, after a series of extensive computer science courses, he earned an MIT Sloan Business School Computer Science certificate. 

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John McDonald