2019 Entrepreneurs of the Year

We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a local business that worked with our mentors to achieve success.

Congrats to Gloria Darin and Shuky Conroyd, Owners of Boca Kitchens & Baths and Wayne & Julie Huthmaker, Owners of Clearly Loved Pets for winning 2019 Entrepreneurs of the Year.


Wayne & Julie Huthmaker were recommended as a possible SCORE Entrepreneur of the year when their unique product was first introduced to the SCORE mentor team. Here was a beautiful accent for any living room that was well made, could enable a family pet to feel part of their family while keeping them contained and safe from harm.

In the beginning, the business was doing well but was still far short from the mentors at SCORE felt this business could attain. Sales were roughly $500,000 annually and the sales momentum were slow because the Huthmakers were dealing with sales margins for some of the larger customers. The Huthmakers were convinced that their product had reached the upper range of retail and there just isn’t any more room for price increases. Without the proper margins for larger customers, there was no hope of attracting the ‘BIG GUY’S’.

The ‘Pet Pen’ was made of acrylic and has aluminum décor colored frame that looks great in any home and based on size sells for approximately $350. SCORE mentors agreed, retail was certainly NOT at the upper end of acceptance and could be increased and would. not decrease sales.  The Huthmakers were totally fearful of raising the retail and resisted, SCORE said, ‘DO IT’, and Julie & Wayne finally agreed and Clearly Loved Pets was on their successful journey.

Not only did sales increase with the higher retail but now large retailers were attracted with the higher margins. Online marketing would the way to greatly increase revenue and profits and Julie made it her job to master Social Marketing. Each week a mentor from SCORE met with Julie at a local marketing companies offices and planned their weekly marketing effort and spend. Clearly Loved Pets created outstanding testimonial Social Marketing, watched their operational statics weekly and continued to increase the spend that increased revenue and profits. Julie found ‘Influencers’ on Social Media that worked wonderfully. We can honestly say that Julie, our Nursing Teacher, became an expert in Social Media.

The combination of SCORE Mentors, the creative and entrepreneurial Huthmakers, has created the SCORE winning Entrepreneurial Company for 2019. Manufacturing in Mexico in 2020 will reduce product and delivery costs. Clearly Loved Pets has annual revenue in the seven figures and growing.


Gloria Darin and Shuky Conroyd, Owners of Boca Kitchens & Baths, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, were selected as 2019 Entrepreneurs of the Year at an Awards Luncheon in December 2019. 

“SCORE helped Gloria and I evaluate the business and gave us direction and advice.  Our Mentor, Jeanine Banks, helped us develop new policies and procedures and overcome challenges we faced as the business was growing. We learned to trust our decisions as the right ones for our business, follow up on them and enjoy the growth we are experiencing.” 

Boca Kitchens & Baths offers clients a one-stop-shop concept for kitchen, bath and full residential renovation; where design, products, construction and project management are all under one roof.  A magnificent showroom, talented designers and superior attention to detail have earned them a growing clientele, respect within the industry and an innovative and comprehensive source for design and construction solutions in the South Florida marketplace.

“SCORE of South Palm Beach is proud of the accomplishments that have brought Gloria and Shuky to this recognition of exceptional business growth, commitment to excellence, dedication to the industry and entrepreneurial spirit.  It has been rewarding to partner with and witness their growth and expansion over the past three years” said Jeanine Banks, Certified Mentor.

Their synergistic styles and work have been recognized and published in various magazines. Exceptional creative design, attention to detail and a worry-free experience is at the heart of every project and client interaction. 

Boca Kitchens & Baths has annual revenue in the seven figures and growing.

Congratulations to Gloria Darin and Shuky Conroyd.